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Course Format

Registered users will have one year from time of registration to finish the Safe Opiate Prescribing Course. The course will take approximately two hours to complete.

The course contains the following units, which were designed to be completed sequentially.  

  1. Course Overview
  2. The Human Cost
  3. Basis of Addiction
  4. Safe Opiate Prescribing
  5. Identifying and Treating
  6. Five Questions on Safe Opiate Prescribing
  7. Course Evaluation

Each unit provides learning objectives, reflection questions, content – both static and interactive, case studies and video explanations. Learners must successfully complete a short quiz at the end of each unit in order to progress through the course.

Course Technology

The Course was developed to be responsive to most operating systems and desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. As such, the course was tested on and best optimized for the following browsers (desktop and mobile):
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

You may experience some issues using older versions of Internet Explorer.

The course uses HTTPS for a secure connection.

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