Frequently Asked Questions

VCU Health CME recently installed a new CME registration and payment system. Users may experience potential delay when claiming CME credit upon completion of this course. If you should experience any technical issues when registering, paying or claiming CME, please contact Scott Diegelmann at, 804-828-9766, or Elizabeth Micalizzi at for immediate assistance.

How much does the course cost?
The rate for individuals is $25 for content access only; $35 for content access and continuing education credit. Organizations registering 11 or more people are eligible for a discounted rate. Contact us for more information.
How do I register for the course?
The registration form is located here.
What are the hardware/software requirements to participate in the course?
Modern internet and mobile browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) should be able to access the case without issue. You may experience some issues using older versions of Internet Explorer. If you encounter a technical issue, please notify us.
Can I skip a unit in the course?
You can not skip a unit in the course. All units must be completed sequentially to get credit.
Can I retake a unit in the course?
Yes. Use the navigation bar on the side to view a previous unit’s material.
How do I get credit for completing the course?
You must complete all of the available units, along with the course evaluation. The course evaluation will be made available to you upon completion of the course.
Why do some fields on the CME registration page ask for information that is not relevant to this online course?
The CME registration is processed through a standardized form created by our third party CME provider, CME Tracker. We do not control the information requested on their form which can sometimes be geared towards in-person events and not specifically for online experiences.
When do I get my education credits (CME, etc)?
After successfully satisfying course requirements and submitting the course evaluation, you will be provided a link. This link will allow you to attest your participation in this course. Upon attestation submission, you will be able to print your CME certificate. For more information, please consult or contact us.
I’m not in an environment where I can watch the videos. Are transcripts available?
Yes. Video transcriptions are available beneath the individual videos. Transcriptions are only available in units that have videos in them.