Frequently Asked Questions

VCU Health CME recently installed a new CME registration and payment system. Users may experience potential delay when claiming CME credit upon completion of this course. If you should experience any technical issues when registering, paying or claiming CME, please contact Scott Diegelmann at, 804-828-9766, or Elizabeth Micalizzi at for immediate assistance.

How much does the course cost?
How do I register for the course?
What are the hardware/software requirements to participate in the course?
Can I skip a unit in the course?
Can I retake a unit in the course?
How do I get credit for completing the course?
Why do some fields on the CME registration page ask for information that is not relevant to this online course?
When do I get my education credits (CME, etc)?
I’m not in an environment where I can watch the videos. Are transcripts available?